The Bio Principle

Our Guiding Light

Bio Principle 1: Bio Basics Protects Consumer Health by…

  1. > Ensuring zero chemical use from farm to plate – no chemicals right from seed sowing, growth, harvest, storage to the transportation of food
  2. > Ensuring everything that is offered is in the best interest of consumer health
  3. > Not selling highly refined foods such as polished white rice, white sugar, maida or animal products
  4. > Selling only fresh produce; No use of refrigeration to prolong the shelf life of produce
  5. > Encouraging use of only local and seasonal produce and avoid food from geographies afar
  6. > Keeping chemicals out of consumer homes through the promotion of safe personal / home care products
  7. > Promoting use of safe-to-use utensils

Bio Principle 2: Bio Basics Provides a decent, sustained Farmer Livelihood by…?

    • Directly sourcing from farmers/farmer groups; not through commercial wholesalers
    • Ensuring that 60-70% of the final product price goes to the farmer
    • Avoiding negotiating down the price of produce quoted by the farmer
    • Encouraging Organic Farming Practices so that the farmers’ natural assets (soil and water) continue to flourish

Bio Principle 3: Bio Basics Preserves the Environment by…?

      • Creating a market for Organic Food to promote increased Organic Food production, thereby, keep our soil, water and air chemical-free
      • Encouraging Organic Food cultivation which utilizes much lesser water, hence conserving water & reduce the “Water Footprint
      • Encouraging use of local and seasonal food, thereby reducing “Food Miles
      • Not exporting food, thereby conserving “Virtual Water” (also called “Embedded / Embodied Water”) in India (being a water-deficient country)
      • Using cloth bags to pack and deliver food & newspaper covers for fresh produce
      • Avoiding plastic except for packing provisions
      • Not using refrigeration for our food items, thereby saving on energy and avoiding the use of Ozone Depleting Substances like CFCs, HFCs & HCFCs

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